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Words don't teach, experiences do.
Hallway Stories is an online empowerment community where people can come share their life experiences in a private, member based setting.


What is Hallway Stories?

Hallway Stories is an online empowerment community where people can share their real life experiences in a private, member-based setting. People who are facing adversity or have overcome adversity can connect with others who understand their ordeal. By becoming a member, you join an engaged community designed to give you a voice and become part of a real discussion on issues you face. You share you story, and then, with the help of a simple search tool, you can browse the site to find others dealing with the same issue.  

Why was Hallway Stories Created?

Hallway Stories was created because the founder, Carey Ralston advocates strongly that everyone has the right to feel good. She believes that when we feel good we experience more in life and when we experience more in life we want to share more with others and when we share more with others from a place of feeling good then we inspire, empower and become the light.  

How is Hallway Stories different from other social media platforms?

Hallway Stories vision was to create a safe, private place online where people can come share their real experiences of triumph and struggle. That is our key difference, we are private, we are safe and we want to empower our members to feel good.  

What is a Premium Membership vs. Free Membership?

Hallway Stories Currently offers two types of memberships. A Free Member will be allowed to create a profile, share video and written stories and read other Free Members' Stories. There is study after study that highlight the benefit of expressing and writing your story out. A Premium Member has large benefits. Hallway Stories Premium Membership is $25 nominal fee annually. Yes only $25! When you become a Premium Member you will have NO advertisements, a Premium Profile, Unlimited Video and Written Story Submissions, you will have the ability to comment, communicate and private message all Premium Members, you will be able to read all stories, you will have the ability to use an alias, and you will be able to fund a non profit movement! 25% of every dollar goes to The Hallway Stories Give Back Fund. As a Premium Member you get to select a category that you are most passionate about.  

Will my name be published? Can I be anonymous?

You are required to create a profile using your real name, but we do allow Premium Members to share stories under an alias.  

What happens to my story after I submit?

Once your story is submitted, it goes to our review panel. We have added this step because we believe every story has the right to be heard. We also will not publish stories that promote or solicit violence, hate or bullying. We are an empowering community. Please review our Terms and Conditions. Once your story is approved it’s published on the site and you will be notified via your profile.  

Why should I tell my story?

Words don't teach, experiences do and we share are experiences through out stories. Telling stories is what makes us feel alive and connected, and creates an avenue for us to help others. Hallway Stories, a repository for stories addressing a range of topics such as weight, money, relationships, addiction, illness and abuse. We’re not selling you a “product.” Rather, we are a member-based community, funded by users who pay an annual fee to tell their story in a safe, empowering, advertisement free setting. Twenty-five percent of every dollar is donated to a charity selected by the user from a list of organizations collaborating with Hallway Stories.  

Why should I become a member?

Hallway Stories is an empowering community focused on leveraging individuals’ real stories of specific issues that will foster personal development, deliver sustainable results, and create positive global change. But in order for us to be successful, we need to expand our network. We need you to become a member, share your stories, and help us grow our movement. We all have stories and your story may have the answer to someone else's struggle.  

How does Hallway Stories benefit charity?

25 percent of every dollar is automatically donated to one of our partner charities, selected by the member. When you choose to become a Premium Member a charity will also benefit. We are a member-driven site, supported by the membership fees from people brought together by shared experiences. Twenty-five percent of every dollar is donated to a charity dedicated to positive change every time you share a story.  

Why are there no advertisements on the site?

Hallway Stories does not allow advertisers on its site in order to create a forum free from the influence of companies selling products or services. We don’t want anyone to feel they’re being sold to. We seek to preserve the voice of our members, and focus the discussion on their stories and interactions, without the interference of promotional parties that may attempt to exploit vulnerable participants.  

Who should join?

Everyone has a story. You can seek help from others or offer help of your own simply by joining the community and telling your story. Members should be at least 18 years of age.

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